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With winter fast approaching, who isn’t dreaming of getting away? Whether familiar or exotic, beach or chalet, relaxing or invigorating, the destination never seems to matter as much as the journey. If only we could all get away at a moment’s notice …

Introducing Destination Dinners, a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure from Arcadian Moon. Over the course of 20 weeks, we’ll be exploring 20 celebrated cuisines from around the world. From surprising expressions of well-known dishes to the completely unexpected, every meal will be an unforgettable experience.

Reservations must be made at least seven days in advance. Stop by the tasting room or call (660) 584-6661 to make yours.

The Highlights

The Dinners

Irish : Nov. 17 + 18

  • Starter: Purple cabbage salad — pickled and braised cabbage tossed with candied pecans and garnished with leek hearts
  • Entrée: Irish roast chicken served with drunken carrots and colcannon, a parsnip mash with cabbage and leeks
  • Dessert: Irish cream Bundt cake with a caramel whiskey sauce

Caribbean : Dec. 1 + 2

  • Starter: Tostones, a plantain fritter topped with jicama curry slaw
  • Entrée: Cod with sofrito, a tomato, chili and cilantro sauce; served with sweet potato and sweet chili potato cake; and mojo de amarillos, a ripe plantain and cherry tomato vegetable mix
  • Dessert: Coconut flan with bean juice whipped cream and fresh fruit

Chinese : Dec. 8 + 9

  • Starter: Jiaozi — a steamed dumpling filled with pork, apples and chestnuts
  • Entrée: Mongolian-style hot pot with lamb or beef in a broth of chicken stock, ginger and soy sauce; served with bean sprouts, carrots, herbed slaw and sticky rice
  • Dessert: Tanghulu — a candied fruit

French : Dec. 15 + 16

  • Starter: Tarte flambé with bacon and caramelized onion
  • Entrée: Coq au vin — chicken in a red Wine sauce with pearl onions, mushrooms, carrots and baby potatoes
  • Dessert: Chocolate espresso crepe cake served with a raspberry coulis and fresh goat cheese with cinnamon whipped cream

Greek : Dec. 29 + 30

  • Starter: Fasolada — a bean soup
  • Entrée: Pan-seared halibut with a Greek yogurt sauce; served with Lebanese cous cous with dates, candied walnuts and olives; and paired with fennel, carrot and bell pepper confit
  • Dessert: Incir compostu — figs in syrup with Greek yogurt

Indian : Jan. 5 + 6

  • Starter: Dahl — a lentil soup
  • Entrée: Chicken tikka masala — chicken with a tomato cream sauce, served with with saffron rice and naan bread
  • Dessert: Khoshaf — a dried fruit compote topped with toasted nuts

Italian : Jan. 12 + 13

  • Starter: Zuppa soup
  • Entrée: Veal osso buco served with saffron risotto and caramelized Brussels sprouts
  • Dessert: Semifreddo — a frozen creamed chocolate

Japanese : Jan. 19 + 20

  • Starter: Miso soup with tofu and wakame seaweed, garnished with green onion
  • Entrée: Omakase sushi — Three chef's choice rolls served with dipping sauces
  • Dessert: Dango — a sweet rice flour dumpling

Mediterranean : Jan. 26 + 27

  • Starter: Tabbouleh — minced salad with tomatoes, finely chopped parsley, mint, bulgur and onion; seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice and salt
  • Entrée: Braised lamb shoulder with fennel and orange and tzatziki sauce; served with an herbed red onion salad and warm pita bread
  • Dessert: Hazelnut and chocolate baklava with espresso Frangelico

Filipino : Feb. 2 + 3

  • Starter: Lumpia — rice paper wrap filled with shrimp, pork, celery and carrot; served with lechon sauce; paired with a shot of arroz caldo, a rice soup
  • Entrée: Sizzling pork sisig — pork belly with chilies, onions, garlic sticky rice and a poached egg
  • Dessert: Halo-halo — "mixed together" in Tagalog; a popular Filipino dessert with fruit, beans and purple yam ice cream

Spanish : Feb. 9 + 10

  • Starter: Ceviche — a duo of chef's choice fish prepared with lemon, orange and lime juices, chilies, green onion, basil, cilantro, shallots, seaweed and a touch of honey
  • Entrée: Pescado a la Veracruzana — fish cooked in a red sauce of lime, caper, olive, onion, peppers, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove; served with three corn tortillas
  • Dessert: Crepas con salsa de dulce de leche — a crepe with fruit and a dark caramel sauce

Thai : Feb. 16 + 17

  • Starter: Miang kham — petite shrimp lettuce wraps
  • Entrée: Gaeng kiew wan gai — chicken and red bell peppers cooked in a broth of coconut milk, curry, Thai basil, kaffir leaves, fish sauce and lime zest; served with jasmine rice
  • Dessert: Mango sticky rice

Pacific Coast : Feb. 23 + 24

  • Starter: Baja-style fish tacos with halibut, salsa verde, shredded cabbage, avocado and pickled jalapeños
  • Entrée: Pork tenderloin with grilled peaches, goat cheese, pistachios and goat-milk caramel; served with sweet potato duchess pommes
  • Dessert: Peach and triple berry cobbler with almond crust

Vietnamese : Mar. 2 + 3

  • Starter: Shrimp and pork spring rolls
  • Entrée: Pho bo vien — traditional soup prepared with broth, noodles and beef meatballs; garnished with bean sprouts, chilies, Thai basil and cilantro
  • Dessert: Banh troi tau — Stuffed sticky rice balls

Scandinavian : Mar. 9 + 10

  • Starter: Smoked salmon and cauliflower crepes topped with dill caper relish; served with potato kartoffelpletter and a yogurt sauce
  • Entrée: Beer -braised pork belly, potato goat cheese gratin and a Scandinavian-harvest vegetable blend
  • Dessert: Daim — a chocolate cream toffee cake

Gulf Coast : Mar. 16 + 17

  • Starter: Alligator bisque shot garnished with chive oil; served with mini fried shrimp po’ boys garnished with lettuce, cilantro, tomato, pickled okra, pickled jalapeños and pickled red onion with a sweet chili mayonnaise and horseradish mustard sauce
  • Entrée: Duck roulade filled with house-made green chili sausage; paired with a leek and chili purée, fried jalapeño cheese grit cakes and a red currant mustard sauce topped with duck crackling
  • Dessert: Pancake-battered fried cinnamon roll served with house-made bourbon ginger ice cream and a caramelized bacon twill garnished with fried pickled ginger and powered sugar

Pacific Island : Mar. 23 + 24

  • Starter: Spam topped with bruddah potato mac salad
  • Entrée: Loco moco — a lamb burger with white rice and fried eggs topped with brown gravy
  • Dessert: Banana pudding with coconut cream

Bavarian : Mar. 30 + 31

  • Starter: Pretzel spätzel served with sweet Beer mustard sauce
  • Entrée: Schweinshaxe — a smoked ham hock served with Bratkartoffeln (fried potatoes) and pickled beets
  • Dessert: Bavarian cream puffs topped with hazelnut ganache

Sonoran : Apr. 6 + 7

  • Starter: Pozole blanco — a traditional stew garnished cabbage, lime wedges, radish and herbed salad; served with corn tortillas
  • Entrée: Tamales two ways — one tamale de puerco (smoked pork) topped with salsa roja crema, and one tamale de espinaca con queso (spinach and cheese) topped with salsa verde crema; served with Sonoran rice and beans
  • Dessert: Cajeta-filled cupcake with cajeta butter cream swirl icing; served with Mexican hot chocolate

Canadian : Apr. 13 + 14

  • Starter: Poutine — French fries and cheese curds topped with chicken fried bacon gravy and garnished with green onions
  • Entrée: Roast goose with a red currant compote; served with butter nut gratin
  • Dessert: Cauliflower crème brûlée topped with house-made vanilla bean truffle ice cream


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